A concept and identity for the restaurant

NOW (-);;;(-)

How do we normalize insects as food in the long run?

What & who?

This is my bachelor project from DMJX made in collaboration with Charlotte Revsbech.


In today’s media there’s a huge focus on the increasing population and pollution. How can we live more sustainable so that there’s enough food for all of us while pollution levels are kept at a low? This is where insects comes into the picture. Insects are often claimed to be food of the future, because of their nutritional and sustainable properties. We were provoked by this attitude. Nothing happened yesterday, it’ll be too late tomorrow, something has to happen NOW!


Through thorough research we found that a hip restaurant serving insects in a new, innovative and cool way would be the best way to get people to eat insects.


Generative logo

The community surrounding NOW plays a big part of the concept. They’re included in the entire identity of the brand – this is visualised in the logo as well on the website and in the physical environment. The insect in the logo is generative and created by people from the community. Wherever the logo is shown the different insects will appear and support the dynamic identity.